Cooked Breakfast

Light Breakfast (GF)

Robertson's bacon, pork sausage, slow roasted tomato &

fresh egg of your choice on toasted bloomer 6.45

Add an extra item 1.25

Full Scottish Breakfast

Robertson' bacon, pork sausage, haggis, potato scone,

beans, slow roasted tomato, chestnut mushrooms

& fresh eggs of your choice 9.95

Plant Based Breakfast (V)

Plant based sausages, grilled halloumi, avocado,

chestnut mushrooms, slow roasted tomato, potato scone,

beans, fresh eggs of your choice 8.95

Ham & Swiss Benedict

Smoked ham & Swiss cheese, poached egg topped with

hollandaise sauce on toasted muffin 8.95

Fried Chicken & Bacon Benedict

Crispy fried chicken & bacon, poached egg,

hollandaise on toasted muffin 8.95

Filled Breakfast Roll

With smokey tomato relish

Choose from: Robertson's bacon, pork sausage or

fresh egg of your choice 2.95

Add an extra item 1.25

House crepes

Bacon & Mushroom

Bacon, Swiss cheese & smoked ham, mushroom, red onions, cheddar glaze, fried egg 8.95

Fruit & Berries (V)

Seasonal fruits & berries, vanilla cream, maple, thick whipped cream 7.50

Fruit & Nut (V)

Strawberries, banana, hazelnut chocolate & thick whipped cream 7.95


Triple Berry (V)

Stack of pancakes, blueberry, strawberries & raspberries, sweetened cream, maple syrup 7.95

Cinnamon & Banana (V)

Stack of pancakes, vanilla caramelised banana, cinnamon cream 7.95

Bacon & Sausage

Stack of pancakes, crispy bacon, pork sausages, maple butter 8.25

Avocado Toast

Smoked Salmon & Poached Eggs

Smoked salmon, avocado, poached eggs on sourdough, hollandaise sauce 9.95

The Vegan (VE) (GF)

Guacamole, red onion, Bloody Mary tomato & sauté mushrooms 7.45

Fried Egg & Mushroom (V) (GF)

Fried egg, sauté mushrooms, avocado on sourdough, truffle butter sauce 9.75

Protein Builder (GF)

Bacon, poached eggs, guacamole, Bloody Mary tomato 9.75

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Your choice of dark or white chocolate 2.95

Luxury Hot Chocolate

Marshmallows & cream 3.50

Add Syrup

Mint / Orange 0.60


Berry Blast

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & apple 3.95

Tropical Twist

Pineapple, mango, banana & apple 3.95


Breakfast Tea 2.75

Jenier Herbal Tea 2.95

Camomile / Earl Grey / Apple & Cinnamon /

Fruit & Blossom / Lemon & Ginger / Peppermint /

Jasmin Blossom Green / Delicious Berry


Americano 2.90

Brown Coffee 2.95

Black Coffee 2.85

Espresso 2.55

Double Espresso 2.95

Espresso Con Panna 2.95

Macchiato 2.80

White Coffee 2.95

Cappuccino 2.95

Latte 2.95

Mocha 3.25

Liqueur Coffee 5.50

Go Large 0.50

Extra Shot 0.50

Add Syrup 0.60

Caramel / Hazelnut / Vanilla